Dynomite Farm 

In a world of fast, global, and cheap, Dynomite Farm strives to be smart, local, and meaningful. As environmental stewards, we believe in doing good through food. We know fresh, local produce has a taste, quality, and nutritional value that customers appreciate and we deliver that to our community everyday.

Keep neighborhood agriculture thriving!

Dynomite Farm is a neightborhood alternative to the supermarket. We grow good
quality food with environmental care.

Whereas supermarkets strive for produce that’s large, travels well, and lasts on the shelf, we at Dynomite Farm grow food for taste and nutritional value. We focus on taste, health, and nutrition using farming practices that are good for the land and the environment.

Our SHOP page is constantly updated with our current selection. We’re happy to pick what you need and arrange for delivery or pick-up. Just let us know.

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Thank you for your help in keeping our Farm safe from development!

While carrot and pumpkin sales help, your contribution supports local agriculture and helps keep Dynomite Farm an ongoing farm. Any amount helps and we thank you for your support.

Donate for Dynomite Farm

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