Purveyor : Dynomite Farm (Santa Cruz, California)

What is Black Garlic?
Black Garlic is a handcrafted derivative of raw garlic. At Dynomite Farm, we take the garlic we grow and over a month-long period, create our Black Garlic through prolonged exposure to heat and humidity, giving our garlic a sweet, mellow flavor and an inky blue hue.

Taste Notes
Black Garlic is a simple food with a wonderfully complex flavor. It’s sweet meets savory – a perfect mix of date-like richness with smoky, tangy garlic undertones.
Our Black Garlic has a tender, soft texture with melt-in-your mouth consistency similar to a soft dried fruit. It’s as delicious as it is unique.

Cooking with Dynomite Black Garlic
Use the black garlic cloves as you would roasted garlic: puree it with oil for a world-class aioli and enjoy it with crostini. Rub it onto chicken or hamburgers before grilling for a distinct, gourmet taste.

Health benefits of Dynomite Black Garlic
Black Garlic has twice the antioxidant levels as fresh garlic. S-allylcysteine is an organic compound present in garlic and a potent anti-oxidant.

Our black garlic process concentrates this important compound, delivering antioxidant and cholesterol lowering benefits without the stinging taste and odor of eating raw garlic

Fun Trivia
In Taoist mythology, black garlic was rumored to grant immortality.